15 July, 2010

Pride: Me, You and over 1 Million Converge on San Francisco

I've been putting off my Pride post this year because I wanted it to be done correctly. I wanted to give it the time and effective phrasing that would allow you to be there with me. But the truth is, I could never in a million years convey to you what my experience in San Francisco this past June was like.

It was my first time in the city and having no plans except to see what I could see and experience what I could experience, I would say I succeeded-- and then some. I don't think this is an event you "do right" the first time. I guess maybe if you have a seasoned guide to show you where the best parties are and when to be at this corner for such-and-such and which exorbitant cover charge to buck up and pay because *that* party is the end-all.

There was so much to take in, and at night there was so much to let out. People were happy and costumed and dancing and taking pictures with strangers. Every interaction began with "Where are you from?" and ended with "Happy Pride!"

So I've decided the best way to really tell you what Pride was like is to encourage you to hit the internet running. Roll your search engine out and type in: Pride San Francisco 2010, Dyke March, Trans March, Dolores Park Saturday June 26th, The Castro, Pink Party, Civic Center, The Parade, The Pink Brick, ENDA, The Pink Triangle, Dykes on Bikes...read the blogs, watch the videos, look at the smiles in the pictures.

Of course everything you read and see won't be my experience. You'll see outrageous nakedness, stories about the tragic shooting Saturday night and The Backstreet Boys. I can't control what you see and that's exactly the best way for me to show you. Because that was my experience: four days of uncensored, in the moment total acceptance.

And I encourage you to go. If not San Francisco, then go to your local Pride celebration. Show your support, meet some amazing people and experience life uncensored.