22 April, 2010

A Bird's Eye View

The birds have returned to my backyard.

My first spring here, I found them annoying. They would drop down into my yard, harass my dog and leave their, ahem, gifts on my car windows. But now, entering my sixth season here, I look forward to the return of the small fliers. They feel like friends who travel and return to tell you their stories. We’ve even adopted a squirrel that comes regularly to eat from the cherry tree next door.

It isn’t Wild Kingdom, but it works for me. It’s my little reminder that I can create my space, I can control the things within it, but the events over which I hold no authority often show me what real beauty is; even if at first they’re a tad annoying.

Did you just see the neighbor, in her fuzzy slippers?
Flit next door and
gather a bit of gossip.
Pump your wings, black and yellow
and bring me
tales from beyond my fence.
What does it look like from where you sit-
does my house look small or my flowers faded?
Do you judge, as we judge,
the green of the lawn
the over ornamentation-
The overcompensation.
Do you fear change, do you anticipate?
Or do you roll
one season into the other-
simply, and without strings.

1 comment:

alison said...


I love this time of year. I'm always amazed the same birds find their way back to the same yard!